Defense is The Name of The Game

In remembrance of Jim Poole 1937 – 2018


Darius Hammond, Staff Writer

It’s that time of the year again. Fall has arrived to prepare us for a season of winter dominance. Last year, our beloved Dragons provided us with a season of ups and downs. With a team full of talented freshmen and a coach with a proven track record of winning, we were almost certain that the 2017 Men’s Basketball team would take us further than ever before. Due to the nature of the sport, it takes time to mold together, operate as unit, and create a winning culture. Last year’s record of 9-16 proved to be a challenging, yet learning experience for everyone. With Coach Dearring taking the leadership role at the beginning of the Fall 2017 semester, it was a challenge to have a successful season.

Even with limited time, our Dragons still managed to compete and produce high scoring outcomes against some of the most talented teams. As Coach Dearring explained, “We ended our season ranked 10th in the nation in scoring, but we were ranked 111th in defense. We couldn’t guard our own shadow, but this year
we have a brand new team”. Defense is now the name of the game. Jordan Reid, who ranked 15th in scoring in Maryland last year, is here to lead the Dragons to a prominent season. As stated by Reid, “As freshman it is hard to adjust to the college life. Last year we wanted to be a team, but we were divided. This year I want us to be a family. One unit striving to reach one goal and that’s to win it all”.

The culture has changed dramatically. When asked what has improved with his game, Jordan Reid confidently states, “Playmaking. I know I can score the ball as demonstrated last year, but making my teammates better was my main focus during the summer”. Jesse Calloway comes in to play a major role for the Dragons, along with a brand new talented group of players who are set to make this a memorable year. When asked what the goal is for this year, Coach Dearring proudly states “If anyone has a goal less than winning it all, then they are in the wrong sport”. Last year the Dragons lost in the first round to Cecil Community College, but this year will have a different outcome. To add to the motivation of having a successful year, we recently lost a staple on the coaching staff. So not only is this year dedicated to stopping opponents, but this year we will do this in the honor of our fallen comrade, Coach Jim Poole.