HCC Times

2020-2021 Staff

Nina Wyckoff

Content Strategist

Nina is a freshman pursuing a degree in Social Sciences at HCC. With a background in speech and debate, she is passionate about exploring unique perspectives of topical issues. Otherwise, she’s probably busy inhaling a novel.

Kourtney E. Douglas

Content Strategist

Kourtney E. Douglas is a student at Howard Community College who is passionate about writing, community engagement, and storytelling. She strives to select stories that are meaningful to the HCC community and support a strong...

Rebecca Nason


Rebecca Nason is a JumpStart student who attends HCC and Wilde Lake who is enthusiastic about current events and hopes to work in international relations. As Editor-in-Chief, Rebecca strives for excellence in each article by working...

Khyri Baptiste

Administrative Assistant

Khyri Baptiste is a Criminal Justice major at Howard Community College and is originally from Houston, Texas. She joined the team in Fall 2019 as The HCC Times Administrative Assistant. Her responsibilities include e-mail correspondence,...

Trent Tabor

Astrology Writer

Trent Tabor is a freshman at Howard Community College. He is an aspiring astrologer who looks into all different types of zodiac, but he is currently writing the galactic zodiac. You can follow Trent Tabor on Instagram and Facebook...

Joel E. Wood II


Socrates once said “the unexamined life is not worth living.” Joel takes this seriously and strives to understand the world around him and his place in it. He does this by asking “Why?, How?, and What for?” constantly....

Deja Grissom


Deja Grissom is a first-year English major and dreams of owning her TV production studio. She desires to create safe spaces for margined groups to share their experiences freely.  Her hobbies include designing clothes, songwriting,...

Heather Sabol


Heather previously graduated from Ohio State with a bachelor's degree in psych/neuroscience, and is returning to school to start a career in the medical field. While she has no formal journalism experience, writing has always...

Darius Hammond


Who would have thought that a pair of eyes, a mind, and the ability to write would open a new world? Darius Hammond, a writer for the HCC Times, has used his imagination to create and express thoughts that alter the way of thinking....

Marcus Chewning


Marcus Chewning is currently majoring in English, and hopes to one day make a living from his writing—the ultimate dream, right? Most of the time he creates stories, while dabbling in a bit of poetry. However, he also enjoy...

Kenneth Apana-Korley


Kenneth is a sophomore at HCC with a love for journalism and theatre. He loves reading, writing, and performing on stage.  He enjoys athletic activities like bike riding, swimming, and basketball, and one of his favorite activities,...

Madison Baltimore


Madison Baltimore, a staff writer for The HCC Times, has a strong passion for journalism. She wrote for her high school paper, and she brings that enthusiasm and experience to HCC. Madison loves to write about topics that matter...

Amira Cooper


As a writer, Amira hopes to learn new concepts and expand her skills by contributing to The HCC Times. She specializes in writing opinion editorials on pop culture, as well as regularly reviewing movies, television and campus...

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