SPB 2019 Spotlight

The Life-Force of the Students


Yuliia Kashyrina

Mickel and Sha, former SPB co-chairs, helping students during NSO

Amie Daniel, Staff Writer

Each academic year, a well-trained, highly motivated, and friendly set of students take the reins on developing and implementing events for all to enjoy known as The Student Program Board. This sect serves as an outlet for creative expression, group collaboration, and leadership here at Howard Community College. You have surely encountered SPB members in the halls or in classes, seen their promotional work adorning the bulletin boards around campus, or perhaps even been invited to join in on the fun by one of these members at a sponsored event. Rest assured that events on campus are designed by your peers with you in mind! A student run program board allows for relatable, interesting, and fun events year-long that serve as a means to break up strenuous academics and deepen the social experience on campus.

The success of events like the recent Open Mic Night is owed to the diligent members of SPB. From the event’s inception, organization, staffing, catering, promotion, and set up, SPB members take the lead! The event provided a safe and fun space for students to show off their talents ranging from guitar performances, Adele cover songs, and beyond. All who attended enjoyed themselves and took in the coffeehouse atmosphere recreated here on campus. Open Mic Night is just one example of what it’s like to be involved in the process of event planning, which requires creativity, ingenuity, and of course some plain-old hard work!

This type of work is incredibly rewarding, to see projects through from start to completion and to enjoy the excitement of it all is something to be cherished! Current co-chair Mickel Harding chalks up his ability to step outside his comfort zone and speak one on one with peers to his work in Student Program Board. The role demanded a willingness to engage with school mates, to let loose and be his authentic self, which is something that will be useful in countless career experiences to come. It is a way to be known among your peers and to stand out and develop a voice in the community. Student Program Board offers leadership training, hands on learning, and chance to expand your own personal skill set.

Individuals like Mickell raise the bar on what it means to be HCC students. To be an active member of the HCC Community is to take a step outside of yourself. In doing so, you have the chance to be in service to others, and to create the community that you want to be a part of. Becoming involved in Student Program Board is a means for you to have a significant role in manufacturing the social and cultural dynamic on campus. Fall 2019 will usher in new faces to the SPB team.

With the deadline of April 1, 2018 for co-chairs, outreach assistant, and promotion assistant underway, the need will remain for volunteers to join in on the fun. There is never a wrong time to speak up and find out about SPB! It’s as simple as sending a quick email to [email protected] or stopping by office CL 250 for more information. Whatever level of involvement, joining SPB is fail-safe way to spruce up your resume and gain invaluable experience.