SGA 2019 Spotlight

The Heart of the Students


Former SGA club liaison, Shannon Burbank, and a student playing a game during Spring Bash

Amie Daniel, Staff Writer

Spring Semester brought forth new leadership in the Student Government Association. In welcoming this new leadership it is important to reflect on the success of the SGA in the past and just as importantly to look ahead to what the future holds under new administration. Historically, SGA has served as a voice of the student body, aided in campus wide administrative duties, and remained involved with campus clubs and community activities. Members are able to hone the skills of working in a professional setting, executing administrative tasks, delegating responsibilities, and problem solving in a team setting. SGA leadership understands the real-life implications of duties performed and the true value provided in the experience. Each cohort of elected students brings new direction and style to the task, and their actions create a ripple of change for all to enjoy.
The most recent administration faced a unique problem while in service in enduring the renovation to the Galleria. Members Samuel Murrill, the current SGA President, Nathan Mitchell, SGA Vice President, and Shannon Burbank, Club Liason know firsthand the challenge of promoting events and being creative in hosting locations and communication styles. This term allowed for the use of Duncan Hall, the Quad, and the GVPA Lobby as inventive and refreshing homes for many events. Having a place to gather stokes the fire of student engagement. So much of Student Government concerns interacting with your peers, spending time together in pursuit of common goals, and taking leaps in new ways of participation on campus which all requires a space to do so. With strong focus on addressing this problem, the construction to the Galleria actually served as catalyst for growth for SGA members and proves that HCC Students have what it takes to face obstacles small and large.

The newly elected President. Andrew Baker, has pledged to serve with an open ear to the student body and to bring clarity to the vast array of clubs available on campus. His campaign was forged on the duty to the student body. Intent on remaining available to anyone in need, you can expect an authentic and endearing approach by Andrew throughout his term. Joined in service by Vice President Amelia Perez-Roldan, the team will undoubtedly bring a fresh approach to serving the school community.

Despite the changing faces in the Student Government Association, one theme rings true through the evolutions; these leaders truly want to create a place of excitement, inspiration, and enjoyment for all students. This passion for service to the school community is a great part of what makes being a student at HCC so wonderful. It is in their effort that HCC continues to reach new heights of student satisfaction. Student engagement makes for a more effective Student Government and is a means to meet like-minded individuals on campus. The next SGA meeting is to be held Friday, May 10th in DH 317 from 1-2 pm. All students are welcome to join and take that first step in being involved!