The Man from Nowhere Review

Gabby Barrow

“The Man from Nowhere” follows the story of an ex-military and his harsh, yet loving, quest to find the little girl that he has grown attached to. 

Lee Tae-Sik (played by Won Bin) is the pawnshop owner with a very troubled past. Jeong So-mi (played by Kim Sae-ron) is the little girl who escapes from the torments of her own life by striking up friendly conversations with Tae-sik. Though their friendly encounters are short, the impression that So-mi has made on Tae-Sik is crystal clear as you follow his journey to save her from her drug-lord kidnappers. 

This movie is an action-packed adventure with equal amounts of feel-good moments. Director Lee Jeong-Beom does an excellent job of portraying the desperation that Tae-sik feels throughout the movie. As we watch Tae-sik maneuver traps set in place for him, unintentionally invade a drug and body part-smuggling ring, and battle the darkness of his past, it is not difficult to sympathize with such a character. It also helps that he is a total man’s man. 

Likewise, it is also required to give due respects to Kim Sae-ron. It is a consensus amongst all societies that children’s actors aren’t very good when it comes to expressing the emotions directors/writers need them to. But, Sae-ron does an excellent job of portraying a neglected child who is only looking for a secure place to call home. As the audience, you feel your heart tugging and breaking for this little girl whose only fault was being born to an unfit mother. 

Story aside, the action scenes alone will leave you on the edge of your seat and ready to take high-end jiu-jitsu classes. The fast pace car chases, the slick gunfights, and quick-witted snapping of necks are enough to make anyone feel that with some training, they too will be invincible.

Without giving too much away, this movie is what Taken should have been. 

Although our lives may not be as action-packed as this movie, we may find ourselves being thrust into situations we may not have planned for. But, like Tae-Sik, I urge you to do your best to grab what is hindering you and show it who’s boss; you have the power in you to change your circumstances. Much like the characters of this movie. 

It is a movie that is not easily forgotten. 


You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video, Viki Rakuten, and Tubi.