A Superficial Holiday of Love


Marquet A

HCC’s “Be My Dragontine Event.”

Amira Cooper

As we all know, Valentine’s Day is here. If you did not know that, then you are obviously not paying attention to the commercials, planned student events, calendars, and random appearances of flowers and hearts around you.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday of love that couples use as an excuse to dress up and go to dinner. As cute as that is, is this superficial holiday actually necessary? I understand the idea of showering your significant other in the love that they deserve, but why would you wait for one day to remind them how much you love them when you could be doing that every day? Honestly, celebrating this holiday has become almost like an obligation in a relationship. This exhausting tradition loses a bit of its significance each year and becomes less fun by the minute.

Even Galentine’s Day is becoming more popular because the number of single people just keeps growing every year. I’d much prefer to hang out with my friends than with some date that I probably won’t talk to after we go see a movie. The roses, the chocolates, everything pink and red, the hearts: They all have become repetitious and expected. Where’s the excitement? Where are the cute surprises? Where are the original ideas? That’s right: They’re nowhere.

Also, if Valentine’s Day is an actual holiday, then where is our day off from school, work or classes? It’s a holiday, so it should follow the rules for a holiday, and we should all get a day off from our obligations. It’s just an outrage, to be honest.

However, as I previously stated, this holiday is a tradition and unfortunately, it is just as important to our culture as Halloween. We should not wait until this day to tell the ones we care about that we love them. There are 364 more days in a year that we can remind our loved ones that we appreciate them and are grateful for them as well. So, I will not stop anyone from celebrating Valentine’s Day, but I will remind you that this holiday is not all that special. It can be superficial, insensitive, and heart-breaking.

If you are relying on this holiday to allow passion to spark your relationship, then trust me: the problem is you, not your significant other. If there is no passion, no love, no support until Valentine’s Day then why are you still in that relationship?

The decision is all up to you, I’m just the messenger.

P.S. Don’t tell Cupid!