How to Stay Motivated while Staying at Home

Amira Cooper, Staff Editor

Stuck inside, feeling lonely, feeling down, assignments piling up with a never-ending sound…

It has been difficult, I know, but don’t give up. We might be stuck in quarantine with our homes becoming our workplaces, classrooms, hangouts, restaurants, and more, but try to stay motivated.

Our finals are this week and next week for some. We are almost done with our spring semester at HCC! It might feel like we never experienced spring semester because it was mostly online, but try to think of the positives.

Your positives can be that you are staying safe and clean as we all battle COVID-19 together, that you are almost done with your assignments, despite possibly feeling bored and tired, and that you will soon have free time without added stress from classes. Also, if you are graduating this year, then congratulations!

Motivation is hard to maintain during these times, but here are some ways to have a good quarantine motivation:

    1. Clear Your Head

Whether you’re going on a run, taking a calming walk, or sleeping for a few more hours in the morning, clearing your mind can relieve some of the stress you feel. With less stress comes a slightly stronger motivation to get things done in a reasonable manner. Remember not to rush yourself or force yourself to do an assignment, if you are not mentally okay to do it at a given moment. Go at your own pace and clear your mind in the most comfortable way for you.

   2. Write a List

By writing a list, I do not mean a list of all of your assignments, or your finals, or your tasks. I mean writing a list of what you can look forward to after the semester ends. You can write down a certain anime you want to watch, a TV show you need to catch up on, a hobby you want to explore or one you want to perfect. A list can motivate you to stay positive because you are almost done. You’ve got this!

3. Try Not to Procrastinate 

It is so tempting to go on Instagram, to view Snapchat stories, or to scroll through videos on TikTok, but you have to be careful. A tempting desire can easily turn into a distracting one. We all procrastinate sometimes, but procrastination just lowers whatever motivation you have left. So, try to not let your phone, the TV, or anything else distract you until your work is done. It is refreshing when all of your work is done!

  4. Relax

There is no shame in taking breaks from time to time. We are all stressed and on edge, so breaks are a necessity. Maybe relax with a meal or take a nap or listen to music; do whatever makes you feel calm and at peace. Full relaxation might not be achieved until after the semester is over, but you might feel a spark of motivation to reach that point with some well-deserved rest.

  5. Get Your Finals Done

Finals are approaching. This means that your professors are either giving actual online exams or papers and projects. Either way, be prepared. Study your material, give yourself a small review, make sure you have all of the materials to answer a question, and remember to be detailed in your project work. Let your motivation guide you to the vacation that will come after your finals. I believe in you and I hope you believe in yourself, too.

  6. Treat Yourself

After our finals are done, our semester is completed, and graduation occurs, we are finally free. It is vacation time at this point. We will still be in quarantine, but don’t forget to motivate yourself to do the things that you planned to do. Yes, you might not be able to do some things, but all you can do is make the best of what you can do during this quarantine. So, treat yourself, check up on friends, exercise more, binge watch shows, or whatever you want to do to treat yourself in a safe way!

Maintaining a quarantine motivation is difficult, but I know that we can all do it. Even if it is small, that motivation can help to remind you of the positives in your life and of what is to come. So, get your work done, finish your finals, and stay calm because we’re almost there.