The Perfect Selfie Awaits

Khyri Baptiste and Kourtney E. Douglas

Let’s be honest with each other– during quarantine, there isn’t much to do. Not much is open, and even if it is, the risk of catching something is already anxiety-inducing enough. Quick trips to the store and days out running errands have become the new time to flex on the public — but that’s only half of your face. When there are no more errands to run and you’re dying to show off your newest tinted lip gloss, get dressed up just to take selfies in our room to show people on the internet that you still got it. Instagram stories have become the most significant flex. “Instagram is positive in a way because I still get to look cute, even if I can’t go out,” says C.Saskia, an acquaintance and a self-proclaimed selfie guru. Here are a few tips on how to take the perfect selfies and show the public that despite a global pandemic, you still look great.

  1.  Confidence is vital. Put on something nice, blast some of your fave music, and look at yourself in the mirror for a while. Nine times out of ten, if you don’t like the way you are dressed for the day, then your confidence dwindles and every picture you take will inevitably look bad to you.  “Confidence is so important! If you think negatively about your appearance beforehand then you’ll think negatively after,” Saskia says. “If you tell yourself you look good then you’ll start to believe it.” The full effect of your look is ready to be captured. Put on some of those clothes you impulse-bought in the middle of the night and just admire your work. Now you look and feel great and your confidence has already gone up. Looking good is a form of self-care; going through the motions as though you are leaving your house can make you more productive and more likely to stick to a routine. 
  2. Golden hour is your best friend! What is golden hour, you ask? Golden hour is “the first hour of sunlight after sunrise and the last hour of sunlight before the sunset.” This light creates a warm glow and looks great in pictures. This is the light that will make your highlight glow, make your eyes pop, and make your skin look flawless. These are all perfect conditions for the perfect picture that even professional photographers chase. There are even apps for Android and iOs that help you find golden hour, in case you take a socially distanced road trip with family that absolutely needs to be documented.
  3. Experiment with angles and find the right one. While catching golden hour is excellent and the light it provides you with is fantastic, you do not want to look like a Facebook mom squinting at the camera at the wrong angle. “The angle is so important! A selfie can go from good to bad in seconds! Never take a selfie from the top of your head.” says C. Saskia.  This is a selfie; we don’t want to see the top of your head. Yes, that was a direct attack on my mother, but the truth hurts. Center your face and turn your head to an angle that looks good for you but NEVER place the camera above your eyebrows.

Take a bunch to go through later and remember if you’ve looked at it too long and it starts to look bad, that’s all in your head! You’ve done a great job, and there is an inherent beauty in all of us. Stopping your day to appreciate the way you look can be a great way to stay mindful, thankful and appreciative of ourselves and ability to adjust and move forward!  Show your work to the world because they deserve to see the masterpiece that is you.