How to Have a Quarantine Christmas


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The holidays will look different this year– but that doesn’t mean they can’t be merry!

Amira Cooper

It is safe to say that the holiday season is progressing differently this year due to the threats of the COVID-19 pandemic. The conditions and risks are extremely during these difficult times, so everyone has to do their part. Christmas can still be celebrated in all of its merry glory, but here are some steps on how to celebrate safely without putting others in danger.

1.Avoid Traveling

Traveling during this pandemic is the worst decision to make. There are so many ways of contracting the disease while on a plane or putting other family members because of someone’s stubbornness. Valerie Edwards, a writer for the Daily Mail, states that “Dr. Anthony Fauci has again advised against festive travel plans for Christmas.” Edwards also reports Fauci’s response about Christmas travel plans, “I think they’re going to have to make individual decisions, but I think we need to, as a nation, seriously consider the things that we in the public health arena have been talking about, of minimizing travel to the extent possible.”

Fauci adds, “The effect of Thanksgiving is going to be realized two weeks from now, literally as we’re getting into the traveling season for Christmas and Hanukkah.” So simply put, do not travel.

2. Shop Online

CBS News reported, ” a surge in online shopping offered a beacon of hope for struggling retailers after months of slumping sales and businesses toppling into bankruptcy.”

Online shopping is not a horrible decision when lives are at risk. It even had a positive influence on Black Friday this year. “Crowds at stores were dramatically diminished as shoppers shifted online,” CBS News states. So, think about shopping for Christmas gifts online this year without having the hassle of being in crowded places.

3. Adjust Traditions

Christmas traditions can still be done during the holiday season. However, they have to be adjusted to the current circumstances and conditions of the pandemic. As Maggie Seaver, a writer for Real Simple, states, “Don’t cancel, just compromise with some isolation-friendly ideas.”

It is to be expected that some traditions might not be possible this year, but new traditions can be created as well. Seaver adds that “the coronavirus outbreak has forced us all to change the way we celebrate and socialize…we—and the special occasions we live to commemorate—are all in uncharted territory until further notice.”

There is always a way to keep traditions alive and the pandemic only slightly complicates that. Traditions can be adjusted to watching streaming services together, having a video chat party, ordering food to be delivered, making new memories with family and friends, and baking cookies or other desserts, all in the safety of one’s home.

4. Make This Holiday Special and Spread Joy

Christmas can still be special and joyful, but it depends on how everyone celebrates it. Jared Atchison, the co-founder of The Thrive Global Community, reminds everyone that “You can still make it feel spirited, warm, and welcoming with some beautiful decor.”

Christmas will be different this year, but love and joy can still be spread. Whether it is through phone calls, text messages, sending postcards, exchanging gifts, or video chats, everyone can spread love and joy to the ones they cherish during these difficult times. Everyone can make this Christmas as memorable as possible. Celebrations are not in-person like usual, but they can still bring happiness and joy in whatever format they are held in.

The festive spirit can still be found in the smallest moments and miracles. Remember, a simple “Christmas miracle is when your family doesn’t get into a single argument all day,” Melanie White, also known as Melanie Marie or the “Black Designer to Know” on Ebony, says. Happy Holidays!