Valentine’s Week/Lunar New Year Horoscope

This Valentines Day is a special one, as the holiday occurs along with a conjunction of Venus and Mars

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This Valentine’s Day is a special one, as the holiday occurs along with a conjunction of Venus and Mars

Trent Tabor

Since it is Valentine’s Week, I will break from the convention of writing a normal horoscope and spotlight one we haven’t seen yet, and will most likely not see: Ophiuchus, or Chiron, the planet it is ruled by. However, I will make sure to keep you engaged with a section on Aquarius and the Lunar New Year.

Ophiuchus is compatible with:

Pisces Most Compatible
Both Ophiuchus and Pisces are obsessed with love. Most of the time, they are compatible: the knowledgeable Ophiuchus can satisfy a Pisces’ curiosity while the cute and changeable Pisces makes Pisces feel the same. However, no one can tell when the sensitive and suspicious Pisces will be in a bad mood and Ophiuchus’ will have to work hard to maintain the relationship.

An Ophiuchus is compatible in every way with the aggressive Aries. Although Ophiuchus, like Aries, is impatient in life, they are not as aggressive as Aries. Instead, they experience emotional turmoil. Aries and Ophiuchus can not get emotional extreme feelings for a long time, and these relationships often end poorly.

Both Ophiuchus and Cancer are loyal and belonging signs. Cancer’s sometimes border on jealousy, but that can pave the way for emotional satisfaction, which is key to a successful relationship. Overall, this is a good match as the Cancer will make the Ophiuchus feel at home and the Serpent Bearer will make Cancer feel needed.

Capricorns, known for being pragmatic, goal-oriented and ambitious, will get along well with Ophiuchus’s. They are intellectually driven, hard-working and competitive in both professional and personal life. When the other party needs to spend more time at work, both parties will feel understanding and support, because they know that certain sacrifices are necessary to achieve their goals.

Ophiuchus and Libra work perfectly together because Libras, like Capricorn and Pisces – are intellectuals, creative thinkers and art lovers. Both Ophiuchus and Libra have a hunger to discover new places and sink into the unknown. There is a good chance that these two signs will start from friendship before reaching a more romantic level.

Scorpio’s personality is generally compatible with Ophiuchus. While both are emotional, mysterious, and jealous of themselves, Scorpio can embrace the extroverted nature of Ophiuchus and their relationship with everyone.

An Ophiuchus and an Ophiuchus share a close relationship based on how well they know each other. Both do not want to be lazy and love new changes and problems. They love the easy journey and the new insights into life. Together, they keep secrets to themselves to lighten the relationship.

Because Ophiuchus is bordering on Sagittarius in an eclipse, it is characteristic of the Sagittarius and Ophiuchus communities to be enthusiastic, fun, deliberate, and independent. Ophiuchus can coexist with the ingenious and wonderful Sagittarius, regardless of the aspect. The battle of Ophiuchus and Sagittarius is like a wild horse running, active, bright and strong. If both of them can find the right one, they should be able to continue until the end.

Ophiuchus is incompatible with:

The relationship between Taurus and Ophiuchus is incompatible. Although both strive for financial stability in life, Ophiuchus is not very bothered by the stability of his personal relationship. They just sway with the wind and drift at times.

Leo and Ophiuchus are not in a relationship. While both of them like to be on the lookout and want to be wanted from day one, there will always be a problem with pride in this combination. Both parties want to be the number one, and neither are willing to humble themselves for the other.

Virgo and Ophiuchus appear to have similar mental aspects, but they are incompatible in relation to each other. Virgo is a perfectionist who can’t stand Ophiuchus’s fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants nature.

Aquarius least compatible

The Aquarians are not happy with the conventional things and new ideas that Ophiuchus embraces. Aquarians will drive an Ophiuchus partner crazy with their constant scheduling and perfectionism.

Keeping You Engaged:

At the time of uploading this article, the Lunar New Year was still impacting Aquarius. How so? Mercury in Aquarius symbolizes great mental leaps forward. However, note the retrograde that means that Aquarius will be taking mental leaps backward. On the other hand, since Taurus is under Aquarius’s ruling planet, Uranus, Taurus will receive many financial assets.
Happy Valentine’s Week,
The Pizza Conjurer, formerly, Pisquarius