An Evening With Silk Sonic – Album Review


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“An Evening With Silk Sonic” is the debut album of Silk Sonic — the duo of Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak.

TJ Cyrus

On Friday, Nov. 12, Silk Sonic released their debut album “An Evening with Silk Sonic.” With nine tracks, 31 minutes of music and Bootsy Collins as the album’s guest host, this R&B collaboration boasted intriguing potential and had fans eager to listen.

Silk Sonic is the collaboration duo of Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars. The name is credited to Bootsy Collins, who came up with it after initially hearing the album. Mars introduced the duo via Instagram on Feb. 26, 2021, and the music video for the debut single “Leave The Door Open” was uploaded to YouTube on March 5 and garnered almost 6 million views within the first day of its release. Following this debut, two other singles from the album were released: “Skate” on July 30, and “Smokin’ Out the Window” on Nov. 5. Additionally, “Leave the Door Open” was performed at the Grammys, and “Smokin’ Out the Window” hit No. 1 on the U.S. Spotify Charts on Nov. 10.

My first exposure to Silk Sonic was listening to their debut single on YouTube. As fans praised its retro sound and clean lyrics, what caught my attention was how well the duo riffed with each other. I was ecstatic to hear that an album was coming out, and now that it’s here, I’m excited to share my opinions:

Silk Sonic Intro

The introduction to the album starts like a call-and-response football game cheer, but with the harmonies added it transforms into an opening act, ending with a Bootsy Collins introduction and narration. The space-like electric tones are complemented by reverb, echoes and notes on the synth.

Leave The Door Open

.Paak and Mars showcase their congruence by passing off the verses and harmonizing the choruses. The 1970s vibes of the song paired with the light instrumental and singing play a role in the track’s soft, intimate feel. The rounds and harmonies of the bridge give this song an impression of floating, as the duo’s ranges pop off in the final chorus and trance-like bridge.

Fly As Me

The feeling of flight takes a different meaning in “Fly As Me.” The instrumental gives a funk feel to this .Paak-dominated track. As .Paak swings and ad-libs his rap verses, Mars provides the echoes and supplements the choruses. The laid-back vibe of this track is enhanced by guitar riffs and mid-ranged vocals.

After Last Night (feat. Bootsy Collins & Thundercat) 

This slow, sensual track shows off Silk Sonic’s synchronization. The verses are sung in near-complete sync, and Thundercat brings more depth to the harmonies with his bass guitar accompaniment.

Smokin’ Out The Window

The antithesis to “Leave the Door Open.” Bootsy Collins opens with a one-liner, leading to Mars & .Paak passing verses back-and-forth more frequently than they did on the second track. Unlike its predecessor, this song offers more variable percussion and bitter lyrics with its soft instrumental. The bridge and last chorus display once again how Silk Sonic meshes with its belts and harmonization.

Put On A Smile

The sad song of the album begins with Collins’s one-liner opening up to Mars’s vocalizations. The Silk Sonic dynamic changes yet again — this time, .Paak sings the verses while Mars mains the vocals on the choruses. The isolation of the vocals compared to the rest of the album carries the somber vibe of the track, which is further emphasized by the keyboard lead. The flourish of percussion aids the belt of the last chorus and the song’s closing.


Track seven boasts an electric sound featuring a bit of funk. The song’s title refers to the three slots in a slot machine all hitting “lucky number 7.” Frequent ad-libs, echoes and pass-backs between Mars and .Paak make the song’s vibe fun and entertaining, while also showcasing the duo’s rhythm and versatility. 


The simplistic, upbeat feel with the calmer-paced and straightforward flow makes “Skate” light compared to the other tracks regarding content. Its repetition and catchy lyrics allow the listener to focus on the background music — whose instrument choice offers a refreshing combination of euphoria and uniqueness. The song overall offers an atmosphere of feeling lost in a moment of bliss.

Blast Off

Relaxed, heavy bass and strings fit the closure of the album. The space theme is most embodied in this track – from the lyrics to the space-reminiscent pauses. A guitar solo brings the song to a climax before the harmonies return and start to increase in increments. Bootsy Collins closes the album, creating a circular narrative as the “host” from the first song to this one.

My Thoughts

Overall, this album is a banger. It doesn’t shy away from experimentation, and Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak manage to switch up their style without it getting repetitive, which is a pleasant surprise. The album is short, which — in my opinion — makes it easier to listen to. In terms of collaboration, Bootsy Collins is the perfect fit for the album. His narration isn’t intrusive and adds structure to the tracks he’s featured on. My personal favorites from “An Evening With Silk Sonic” are “Smokin’ Out the Window,” “Fly As Me” and “Blast Off.”

Overall, Silk Sonic’s debut album offers the perfect combination of nostalgia and novelty, and I can’t wait to hear what they put out next.