Different Types of Fortune-Telling


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Divination gives people a glimpse into what the future holds for them.

Trent Tabor

Hi, I’m Trent, your weekly astrologist. Today, I’ll be discussing fortune-telling, also known as divination, or the practice of predicting the future. Fortune-telling has become popular in recent decades due to a rise in technology such as televisions, smartphones and computers. Read on to learn about a few of the many types of fortune-telling!

Horary Astrology

Horary astrology is the kind of fortune-telling I do with the 12 zodiac signs.

It is depicted in cartoons, webcomics such as “Homestuck” and animes such as “Starry☆Sky.”

You can download apps such as “Co-Star: Personalized Astrology” that will provide insight into your future.

One little-known fact is that the zodiac is not only divided into signs, but also houses.

Gemini is in its first house at the time of this publication.

More information about houses can be found here.


If you attended HCC’s recent Halloween Bash, you experienced cartomancy, or a tarot card reading.

There are many tarot card reading shops, such as this one near Breezy Willow Country Market in Ellicott City.


Naeviology is an interesting way of telling the future.

It uses a method of reading moles, scars, birthmarks, etc., and also covers the field of palm-reading.

An example of naeviology can be found here on TikTok.


Oneiromancy is the practice of fortune-telling through reading dreams.

It was better portrayed in biblical literature, as it was the common folk practice in Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece.

This type of fortune-telling is now dismissed among the scientific community, as it uses drugs to produce a dreamlike consciousness that conveys fortunes.


Crystallomancy is not only used by witches, warlocks, magicians and fortune-tellers — but also by the beloved Dr. Strange.

It involves gazing into a crystal ball to read the future, past or present.

This is my least favorite kind of fortune-telling, as it requires lots of time and energy to find a vision, and the crystal could become cracked.


Bibliomancy is the telling of the future through scriptures, which are most likely religious.

Many people resort to this type of fortune-telling, as some religions preach that their God(s) can discuss a person’s past, present and future.

This method of fortune-telling is done simply by reading books.

While many believe that this method of fortune-telling only employs religious scriptures such as the Bible or the Torah, this method may also utilize non-religious books.

For example, TikTok user “greenbeansalad” tells viewers to pick up the book nearest to them at that moment and turn to page 30 to gain insight into their love life.

Keeping You Engaged

Which type of fortune-telling piques your interest the most? I have considered buying a tarot deck, but my family has resisted, saying that it may take up too much of my time. Fortune-telling for me, in general, is interesting, hence my choice to come and do horary astrology weekly for The HCC Times as opposed to being a rebel and buying a tarot deck.

See you next week,
Trent Tabor, AKA, The Pizza Conjurer