What the Lunar New Year Means to You: New Moon in Capricorn


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This week’s horoscope combines the Western and Chinese zodiacs as we celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Trent Tabor

First and foremost, we thought we should note that both the Western and Chinese zodiacs have 12 signs. Therefore, we thought we would combine the two as we ring in the Lunar New Year. We will be analyzing two horoscopes, much akin to the first article we wrote. Also, note that we will be taking a journalism class this semester, so not all of our articles will be horoscopes. Sorry, horoscope fanatics.

Aries: March 21-April 19
You aren’t used to wasting your time and sitting alone all day. You’re much too intelligent and ambitious to squander your time in vain. You will discover a means to make your aspirations come true. You are not unconcerned by public opinion; in fact, you desperately seek attention. You have a unique personality that struggles to accept the peaceful flow of events. The need for transformation is ever-present. You are unafraid of problems and have no fears or uncertainties; instead, you courageously move forward. Charming, you get along with everyone. You are honorable in your deeds and have a strong desire to defend the helpless. To you, the truth is a bit irritable but full of self-assurance.

Taurus: April 20-May 20
Because it is a volatile creature, the attitude of a usually tranquil Taurus-Tiger might change instantly. You are too knowledgeable and sensible to engage in rash behavior. At the same time, when you face evil and injustice, you lose all control of yourself. A tiger’s uncontrollable energy may be harnessed by a sluggish, solemn Taurus. This combination of signs characterizes a calm, balanced outlook on life. Do not push your views on others, and do not take any needless initiative. When it comes to guarding your honor, though, you all roar with the same colossal growl. When this happens, the Tiger’s fury takes over.

Gemini: May 21-June 21
You are always on the go, with a slew of ideas and initiatives bouncing about in your head, and you are typically hasty. Gemini-Tigers are strong and enthusiastic, and they cheerfully dodge problems and obstacles. As a Gemini-Tiger, luck is always on your side. You are protected by the Tiger’s strength against impulsive deeds and reckless judgments, as well as disasters and sorrows. Perhaps this is why you are so engaged, bold and upbeat in the face of adversity. You are always eager to try new things and are pleased with even the tiniest achievement. You have sufficient energy to pursue all of your ambitions. Gemini-Tigers are optimistic, empathetic people who are always willing to help those in need.

This week, Gemini-Tigers will find the drive to pursue their ambitions. (Deposit Photos)

Cancer: June 22-July 22
A fearful, suspicious Cancer does not want to obey a gritty, imposing Tiger. The combination of these two indications is highly striking and contradictory. There are polar contrasts here: strength and frailty, action and slowness, bravery and vulnerability. Your life is affected by this clash. You have a fickle personality that is swayed easily by even minor adversity, and you constantly doubt yourself. At the same time, you create the image of being successful and content. After all, tigers are far too private to express their ideas.

Leo: July 23-August 22
The combination of the forceful Leo and the active tiger creates an unexpectedly strong personality. You appear invincible because you are not afraid of anything. The attributes of ambition, purposefulness and firmness are associated with your sign. People born under your combination want fame and power, not simply via logic, but through living out their aspirations in life. They act fearlessly and firmly, never doubting their ability to succeed. You, specifically, are captivating and charming, and you know how to earn people’s favor. Maintain strong ties with coworkers, friends and mere acquaintances on your route to power. As a self-assured individual, you are unafraid to be generous.

Virgo: August 23-September 22
You are a paragon of virtue and perfection. Your excellent behavior earns you respect and affection. People have faith in you and open up to you about their emotions and problems. They can always count on you to save the day and cheer them up. Your specific combination characterizes remarkable kindheartedness, and the sorrows of others are considered a personal tragedy. You prefer not to dwell on problems, opting to support a pleasant word. You are a true philosopher and a tremendous optimist who can see things for what they are. You approach difficulties with zeal, always bringing business to a successful conclusion.

Libra: September 23-October 22
Benevolent, compassionate and caring, you are a superb conversationalist. You will never upset people with a snide remark; instead, you will empathize, sympathize and provide sound counsel. The noble, forceful tiger is weaker than the diplomatic Libra, who is prone to unusually lengthy thoughts. As a result, persons born under your sign are less active than other tigers but more contemplative and balanced. People may feel compelled to force their point of view and spend their time on frivolous matters. However, you are a cheerful individual who enjoys having secular talks and surrounding yourself with good-natured people. People of your sign-combination want to live in harmony with themselves and their environment.

Scorpio: October 23-November 21
Because of Scorpio’s formidable backing, this tiger has frenetic energy and unbreakable resolve. The merging of these two powerful signs is quite harmonious: each is self-sufficient in and of itself, and each naturally supports the other. You are a steadfast individual who is not prone to frivolous musings. You are confident in your ability to succeed, and you respond favorably to any sudden changes. Your sign-combination distinguishes a free, independent nature. Those of your sign act with great dignity, have a giving heart and display involvement in the fate of near people. Their upbeat demeanor and genuine desire to assist and safeguard them from harm are appreciated by others. You give happiness and good fortune to everyone in your path.

As the Lunar New Year begins, Scorpios will find themselves providing happiness and good fortune to everyone they encounter. (Deposit Photos)

Sagittarius: November 22-December 21
Mental discomfort and sadness are foreign concepts to the cheerful Sagittarius-Tiger. You can effortlessly overcome obstacles by focusing on the big picture rather than the minute details. You are bursting with vigor and energy and are always on the move. Those around you adore you because of your easygoing demeanor and your ability to respond to criticism with wit. Nothing seems to sway you, as you are an immortal person oozing with happiness and optimism. This tiger does not allow deception even for the sake of redemption — the tiniest attempt to twist its arm around its finger might result in a major embarrassment.

Capricorn: December 22-January 19
The dynamic of the energetic tiger and the astute Capricorn is quite powerful, though not perfect. You are in command of yourself, with no flaws to speak on. In every scenario, you freely orient yourself while maintaining restraint and composure. Deception and betrayal are not in your laws; such conduct is abnormal for this sign-combination. You are pleasant to be around, always kind and aware of your surroundings. Timid, cautious and careful, you do not share all of your ideas during your first interaction with someone.

Aquarius: January 20-February 18
The joyful Aquarius-Tiger expresses affection for everyone and everything. Being around them is enough to provide joy, let alone a deep friendship. They are brilliant optimists capable of inspiring hope for the future with only a few words. It is impossible to fall in love with an Aquarius-Tiger. While always accompanied by flocks of their supporters, Aquarius-Tigers do not depend on their fans. An Aquarius is a creative individual with a uniquely-wired brain. The power-hungry tiger withdraws to the side, recognizing this air sign’s intellectual supremacy. As a result, Aquarius, your sign-combination thinks freely and has no desire for power.

Pisces: February 19-March 20
People born under your star sign — with the help of the tiger — feel at ease even in challenging situations. You are unafraid of change, unconcerned with little details and capable of taking bold action. Simultaneously, you preserve tenderness and sensitivity unique to people of your sign-combination. You are naturally kind and compassionate and do not become envious or angry. Conversely, you possess a great desire to help others and protect them from harm. You are not naïve; you will not assist those who, in your judgment, are worthless. You have great intuition and rarely make errors in your reasoning. Try not to disseminate information about your personal life if you are a little secretive and mistrustful.

Keeping you Engaged
We have told you about what has passed, now we are here to tell you about what’s to come. On Monday, Feb. 7, the lunar occultation of Uranus will occur, meaning that the moon is aligned to pass in front of Uranus, but few people will see it. It will not be visible to the Howard County area. What will be visible, however, is a close approach to the moon and Uranus from 5:51 a.m. on Feb. 7 to 12:21 a.m. on Feb. 8. However, this is self-explanatory and is very much different from an occultation.

Until next week,
Trent Tabor