Top 5 Anime to Watch This Fall

This season’s anime lineup is going to be sugoi!


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Ozair Hussain, Staff Writer

With the summer anime season wrapping up and the fall season just around the corner, there is a lot of anticipation surrounding the slate of anime set to come out. The upcoming season is headlined by new anime, new seasons of existing anime, and anime finales. The following report highlights the top five anime to look out for in the near future.

5. “Spy x Family” Part 2

“Spy x Family” Part 2 is the second installment of season one—which premiered in April 2022—and airs Oct. 1.

Ever since its release, the anime has scored high TV ratings with the first episode being the second most watched on Japanese streaming sites. The series placed second in popularity in April before rising to first from May to July and maintained that ranking for three months despite releasing no new episodes in July. “Spy x Family” has also gained mainstream popularity among a myriad of age groups with an official from Takara Tomy Arts confirming, “the series is popular among a wide range of people.”

4. “Mob Psycho 100” III

“Mob Psycho 100” III is the third season of “Mob Psycho 100,” which began airing in July 2016. The new season premieres Oct. 6.

Ever since its release, “Mob Psycho 100” has developed a strong following and fan base. Anime News Network’s James Beckett gave the second season an A+, describing it as “about as close to a perfect season of television” he could imagine. In the first Crunchyroll Anime Awards, “Mob Psycho 100” received an award for Best Action and Best Fight Scene, and, in the fourth Crunchyroll Anime Awards, “Mob Psycho 100” II received an award for Best Animation and Best Opening Sequence.

3. “My Hero Academia” Season 6

“My Hero Academia” has yielded five successful seasons since its TV debut in April 2016, and the anime is confirmed to make its eagerly anticipated return Oct. 1.

“My Hero Academia” developed a ravenous fan base prior to having an anime adaptation, with the manga selling over 65 million copies to date. The anime has received tremendous praise for its story, character development, and fight scenes. Both the manga and anime have received numerous awards with the latter receiving the Sugoi Japan Award and Harvey Award for Best Manga as well as two nominations for Anime of the Year at the Crunchyroll Anime Awards.

2. “Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War”

“Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War” is an anime adaptation of the manga’s final arc, which covers Volumes 55 to 74, and is set to premiere Oct. 11.

The anime initially aired from 2004-2012 before taking an indefinite hiatus. “Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War” was announced in March 2020 during a livestream to commemorate the manga’s 20th anniversary. “Bleach” was widely heralded for its main character Ichigo Kurosaki who, at the time, was considered a breath of fresh air for a main character. The anime’s comeback will please a lot of fans who are eager to see the final arc of the series onscreen.

1. “Chainsaw Man”

“Chainsaw Man” is one of the most anticipated anime of the fall season—if not the year—and debuts Oct. 12.

The manga, which began serialization in December 2018, has sold over 22 million copies to date. Last year, the manga won at the 66th Shogakukan Manga Awards and the Harvey Awards. The manga has received immense praise for its violent scenes which intertwine with its plot. The main trailer for the anime, which was uploaded on Mappa’s official YouTube channel, received over 5 million views on its initial release date.