The Movie You Will Never See


Trouble Maker Studios/MoonWalk Flims/Kouz

Official Movie Poster for the Movie “100 Years” starring John Malkovich

Shaunak Patil

Does it make you sad when you see trailers for a movie you were looking forward to, only to learn the release date is 3 years later? Nonetheless, there’s one film you shouldn’t expect to see in your lifetime since it’s coming out in 100 years. Yes, you heard that right—100 years.

The film, “100 Years,” is a science fiction film written by John Malkovich and directed by Robert Rodriguez. It was advertised in 2015 with the tagline, “The Movie You Will Never See” which holds true as the release date is set for 2115.

To date, there are three teaser trailers that all show glimpses of what the stories will be about. The first two show advanced technology and a world where nature is absent. The last teaser shows a terminator-style scenario wherein robots take over the world.

The production team behind the film wanted to create their own version of what they believed the world will be like in the year 2115. Each section of the film will focus on a different yet somewhat realistic issue that very well could serve to be the future of mankind.

This film is a collaboration between Louis XIII Cognac, a drink for which it takes 100 years to make a singular bottle. The drink’s exclusivity complements its divine taste while requiring a hefty price tag to acquire. While its taste may be something all would enjoy, its $4,000 price tag can’t say the same.

The drink’s insanely long production time inspired the concept and release of the film. By showing how long it will take for the film to be released, people may better appreciate the dedication and time it takes to create just one of these pricey drinks.

The film is kept in a bulletproof case that will only open when the timer of 100 years counts down fully. The case first appeared at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival and other places before returning to the Louis XIII Cellars in Cognac France.

While buying tickets for the film may be an unreachable goal, certain cast and crew have already received silver tickets to the premiere of the film upon its release. Of course, the tickets are for their grandchildren rather than themselves.

The cast has been very discrete and hidden from the public; however, three of the main cast have been revealed. John Malkovich and Shuya Chang play the main protagonists, while Marki Zaror plays the supposed villain of the story. Each actor has been held to secrecy and been informed to not release any news about the contents of the film.

While the film’s content remains mysterious, one thing is clear. Unless health advancements reach levels previously unknown to mankind, “100 Years” is the movie we will never see. So while you sit in that theater, remember to be thankful your favorite upcoming movie doesn’t release in 100 years.