How to Build Better Mental Health


Diana Meza Leal

HCC’s Healthy Minds Self-Care Fair in March 2023

Shaunak Patil

Keeping your mental health in check is crucial to how you perform not only in class but in life itself. From how you view the world to how you interact with other people, mental health is at the forefront of it all. Below are some helpful tips on how to nurture your mental health. 


Meditation is an underrated technique in college. Many students ignore meditation and bottle their stress thinking there is no outlet. However, meditation offers numerous health benefits that could be the difference in improving someone’s mental health.

Benefits such as reduced stress, increased focus, increased patience, increased self-awareness, reduced negative emotions, etc. are all outcomes of consistent meditation.

Just five minutes every day could give a massive boost to your mental health. Apps such as Insight Timer require payments but offer free timers and ambient sounds during your mediation session to ensure you are locked in and focusing.

Millions of people around the world do it and have seen a steady rise in mental capabilities and health. You could too for just five minutes each day. 

Staying Active

Most people assume working out means lifting heavy weights and running miles on a treadmill. However, working out has multiple meanings and multiple benefits.

Staying active has no clear definition and no time either. A 10-minute walk around your neighborhood or campus could count as being active. 

A picture of free weights on shelves at a gym (Shaunak Patil)

Of course, the more you work out the better, but all it takes is a 10-minute walk to start, and you will feel the benefits.

Giving your body enough blood flow and air is important to your mental health. It is important to keep in mind how connected your body and mental health are.

If you take a slight jog or maybe play a sport for a couple of minutes, you will surely not only feel better physically but also mentally. 

Keeping Yourself Occupied

There is a saying that goes like this: “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” This is especially true for all students.

Isolating yourself with nothing but schoolwork can lead to excess stress. During the hectic school year, it is important to have wind-down time and pick up a new hobby. It could be writing, cooking, drawing or anything that keeps you busy and is not related to school.

This will not only keep your mind clear of any stress but also elevate your mental health. So keep yourself busy but relaxed at the same time.

Being alone with your thoughts, while good in some scenarios, can lead to overthinking and stress. Never make schoolwork the only thing you do in a day. Compartmentalize your time, and feel the wave of relief wash over you.

It is important to realize that mental health impacts your life more than you may think, and there are plenty of options available to maintain your well-being.