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Opinion: Esports Are Just as Real as Any Other Sport
Opinion: Esports Are Just as Real as Any Other Sport
Justin Ho, Guest Writer • May 10, 2024

Though they’re just people sitting behind monitors clicking a mouse and pressing a keyboard, the crowd roars with excitement. A gaming team...

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The Cosmos Whispers Its Secrets: Stellar Insights for Dragons Over the Next Turn of the Zodiac Wheel

Olga Yastremska, New Africa, Afr
Courtesy of Depositphotos.


As the year draws to a close and a new one beckons, the cosmos align to offer a celestial map for the months of December and January. Whether you seek reflection or resolution, inspiration or opportunity, the stars have something in store for everyone.

This horoscope delves into the unique astrological influences impacting each zodiac sign, weaving their celestial dance with the vibrant tapestry of life at Howard Community College. From concerts and exhibitions, to lectures and exams, the campus pulse offers a tangible connection to the rhythms of the heavens.

Like a star in its twilight years, my time at HCC may be nearing its end, but the ink still flows freely in my veins, eager to share the wisdom of the cosmos. Should the stars align differently and the pen fall from my grasp, I have faith that another gifted writer will rise to the occasion, ensuring that the legacy of this horoscope continues to illuminate the lives of others.

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So, with open hearts and curious minds, let us embark on this celestial journey through December and January. May the stars guide your steps, illuminate your path, and inspire you to embrace the magic and possibilities that lie ahead.

Aries: Mercury at Perihelion on December 20 may lead to overthinking. Channeling your energy into creative pursuits like the Invitational Student & Foundations Portfolio Exhibition on December 7th can help you find balance.

Taurus: Neptune ending retrograde motion on December 6 offers renewed focus and determination.

Gemini: Despite Mercury in Inferior Solar Conjunction on December 22nd, potentially causing communication misunderstandings, the Quadrantid meteor shower on January 5th is a perfect opportunity to connect with new friends and expand your social circle.

Cancer: While the close approach of the Moon and Saturn on December 16th may encourage introspection on past mistakes, the Moon at First Quarter on December 19th is a powerful time for self-reflection and healing.

Leo: Although Mercury in Inferior Solar Conjunction on December 22nd might suggest caution when communicating with others, the HCC Singers and HCC Bain Center Senior Choir Concert on December 3rd is a chance to shine and share your talent.

Virgo: Even with Mercury at Perihelion on December 20th potentially leading to overthinking, the Moon at Apogee on December 4th provides a focused time for studying and preparing for exams.


Libra: While Mercury in Inferior Solar Conjunction on December 22nd might suggest avoiding gossip and negativity, the close approach of the Moon and Venus on December 9th encourages expressing love and appreciation to loved ones.

Scorpio: Despite the challenges that may arise with the Sun entering Aquarius on January 20th, the December Solstice on December 20th is a powerful time for personal transformation and introspection.

Sagittarius: : While Mercury at Perihelion on December 20th may increase impulsive tendencies, channel that fiery energy into planning a trip or exploring a new culture or belief system instead. Attend the Columbia Film Society screenings on January 5th and 6th with an open mind. Immerse yourself in new stories and perspectives. 

Capricorn:As the Sun enters your sign on December 21, you feel empowered to set ambitious goals for the coming year. Harness this motivational energy to outline practical steps towards achievement. However, when attending the Columbia Film Society’s performance of After Sun on January 26th and 27th, be prepared for some emotional moments and reflections on family and relationships. Seek insight rather than judgment.

Aquarius: Even with the uncertainty surrounding your future, the Sun entering your sign on January 20th encourages embracing your individuality and expressing your creativity.

Pisces: While Mercury in Inferior Solar Conjunction on December 22nd might suggest escapism, the Moon at perigee on December 14th provides a powerful time for connecting with your emotions and practicing self-compassion.


As the new year dawns and the sun dips below the horizon on December 31st, we carry the whispers of the cosmos within our hearts. We have traversed the darkness, embraced the light, and danced with the celestial currents.

Remember, the stars offer guidance, not destiny. They are a tapestry of possibilities woven with light and shadow, urging us to embrace the full spectrum of life’s experiences.

Whether you remain at HCC or journey down new paths, may you carry the wisdom of the stars within you. May your spirit remain open to the possibilities that lie ahead, and may your actions be guided by courage, compassion, and an unwavering belief in yourself.

Farewell, fellow travelers, on this celestial journey. May your paths be blessed with light and laughter, and may your dreams take flight under the watchful gaze of the stars.

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About the Contributor
Trent Tabor
Trent Tabor, Columnist
Trent Tabor is currently a double major in sociology and general studies at HCC. He wants to be an advocate for people with or without disabilities. He would like to attend either Stevenson University or UMBC. At the moment, he likes to write horoscopes, along with astrological events and how they overlap. Occasionally, he may write horoscopes based on current events at HCC, and now that his career is developing, he is writing other stories, as well. When he is able to take a picture or is given a picture, he includes it in the article, crediting who took it, when, and where. Trent uses any pronouns, but he prefers masculine pronouns.  

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