HCC Times

2019-2020 Staff

Kourtney E. Douglas

Content Strategist

Kourtney E. Douglas is a non-traditional student at Howard Community College who is passionate about writing, community engagement and storytelling. She strives to select stories that are meaningful to the HCC community. As a...

Darrien Wilkins

Content Strategist

As the current head of the HCC Times, Darrien always goes above and beyond to ensure that the writers, their talents, and their strengths come together in perfect harmony. Working previously as layout editor for the print edition...

Austin Taro

Photographer & Design Coordinator

As the design coordinator of the HCC Times, Austin does a good bit of photography on the job. Showing his pictures to inform the audience about the life of the students, capturing fun events, and showing off the hotspots on campus,...

Audrey Boytim

Film Editor

As film editor, Audrey hopes to bring new and different perspectives on the movies you see and love, analyzing them as a truly visual medium.  In addition, she hopes to help fans of movies decide what to watch next.  Viewing...

Madison Baltimore

Staff Editor

Madison Baltimore, a staff writer for the HCC Times, has a strong passion for journalism. As she wrote for her high school paper, she brings enthusiasm and experience to HCC. Madison loves to write about topics that matter and...

Amira Cooper

Staff Editor

As a writer, Amira hopes to learn new concepts and expand her skills with writing. She already has great skills which she uses to passionately write about varying topics, expressing her energy through her words. Amira hopes to...

Amie Daniel

Staff Editor

Amie, as a staff editor, goes above and beyond to bring not only information to the masses, but to bring a level of understanding along with it. Being able to convey messages, explain emotions, and articulate the smaller details...

Darius Hammond

Opinions Editor

Darius is the resident opinion editor and occasionally dabbles in lifestyle articles as well. His pieces either challenge norms set by society or engage readers to think about the subject matter and how it may impact them on a...

Soohee Shin

Columnist & Lifestyle Editor

Soohee is the HCC Times establish columnist and lifestyle editor. Covering topics that range from the best practices to eat healthy, live an abundant and fruitful life - to thins that improve how you live your daily life as students....

Ken K. Apana-Korley

Head of Editorials

Kenneth is a freshman at HCC with a love for journalism and theatre. He loves reading, writing, and performing on stage. As Head of Editorials, Kenneth's job is editing all of the articles before publication. He enjoys athletic...

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