Vernal Equinox Horoscope: March 21-28


Capricorn: Jan 20 – Feb 16
Try to concentrate on current issues and to remain serious about finding a solution.

Aquarius: Feb 16 – March 11
You should be happy this week, even though you have a lot of health and job problems. Communicating with people who share your thoughts, getting to know each other, opening up, or otherwise improving your understanding of the world around you is an amazing prize for the problems you face.

Pisces: March 11 – April 18
This week you will get a lot of news and information. Be on the lookout for unplanned costs.

Aries: April 18 – May 13
This week turn up your favorite album and follow your dreams. You will solve your problems more quickly and easily by resting than by continuing to slog through your routines. Take pleasure in your family and friends– they love you and want to celebrate alongside you.

Taurus: May 13 – June 21
Try spending this week all alone and concentrate on out-of-the-box solutions to your current challenges. Pay attention to the specifics and you will find a solution and easily complete your job.

Gemini: June 21 – July 20
Instead of fixating on school or work, you should dedicate this week to household responsibilities and chores. You need to better manage stress and listen to your feelings. You cannot ignore these things.

Cancer: July 20 – Aug 10
Issues requiring financial investments should be postponed. You currently lack the facts to make the right decision. Instead, be cautious and begin paying off any existing debts.

Leo: Aug 10 – Sept 16
All the conditions are going to be good for you this week and you will not have to think much about your job. The stuff you have worked hard on will soon bear fruit.

Virgo: Sept 16 – Oct 30
It is time to find new allies. Find new friends at school and work and try to allow these relationships to grow naturally.

Libra: Oct 30 – Nov 23
Take particular care of your personal life. Your relationships may be in jeopardy, so check in with your loved one. Beware of how moody you can be; your unhappiness could ignite an already difficult situation.

Scorpio: Nov 23 – Nov 29
You may feel unfocused and uncertain at the beginning of the week. Try relaxing and use this moment to settle long-standing issues. Remember basic self-care: eating regularly, showering, going outside. These things might seem basic, but they can make all the difference.

Ophiuchus: Nov 29 – Dec 17
It could be a little harder than normal this week to let go of your stress. Do not lift your voice; the stars encourage you to relax and move towards a calmer lifestyle.

Sagittarius: Dec 17 – Jan 20
It is recommended that you stay in a cozy and tranquil environment this week. From a new, more exciting angle you can see your family life. Take care of your friends this week – they can bring you uncomfortable surprises, or make you spend money for fun.

Keeping You Engaged

Today, I am going to show how each zodiac sign is affected by the vernal equinox, otherwise known as the coming of spring. This is, according to Readers’ Digest.
When you need advice on career and budget, Capricorns are the serious friends that you should go to. If you can, take charge. So, do not be afraid to ask more— you got it! “You are more secure than ever. It is a pleasure also for Capricorns to have a stable home climate,” says astrologer Susan Levitt.

“Aquarius enjoys talking, discussing, sharing, and communicating as an air sign!” (Nannestad) Aquarians are the wacky autonomous rebels of the zodiac, but they are living through a sturdy internal code. The spring equinox is a wonderful time to think about how the code works.
On the Spring equinox the sun goes into Aries, a burst of energy for this already-energetic sign of fire. According to Susan Levitt, it is time to act, be imaginative and express yourself. Aries is a fire sign and the natural leader. The next two years will be a wonderful time to commit to your greatest goals. Being involved in causes you feel most enthusiastic about may encourage you to control yourself and others for a positive reason.
As an Earth sign, the astrologers at Reader’s Digest agree that Taurus finds immense joy in spending time with friends. The bulls are thinking about the best way to find their own happiness this spring equinox. DeFranco says you can find the answers in your dreams or in conversations with friends. Levitt recommends that Taurus be imaginative with what Taurus likes: the earthly beauty, healthy food, arts and crafts.
Gemini are the leading zodiac conversationalists; these air signs are all passionate and often share a view! Our astrologers suggest that the spring equinox is a time to reflect upon, formulate and express these views. According to DeFranco, you feel more fragile and reactive than normal and must fight against your own humanity. Situations at work should now come to give you more insight into your higher convictions. You will learn and stand on both sides. Levitt underlines the importance that Gemini develop and continue to learn their ideas.
Galactic Signature- March 14, 2021- White Crystal Dog
Cancers are very delicate crabs. But, as DeFranco explains, this can be potentially an asset. “Cancer is the most tenacious sign of the zodiac, a force which is underreported because it can contend with its own emotions.Keep this in mind as your feelings feel more volatile than ever, particularly in relation to your professional life and your boss or colleagues’ motivations” explains DeFranco. Cancer and time can create a loving home to clean and redecorate. Redeem everything and revitalize it from cooking plates to bedding.
According to Levitt, Leo is a natural and spectacular fire sign. Extrovert and expressive, Leos loves to focus on this, so these months of pandemic social reduction will have been particularly difficult. Your urge to emerge right now is particularly strong, DeFranco says. It is a proper time for a trusted partner to share your profound secrets and longings. Leos are very much aware of their ideals and serious about their ideals, but they are not the only ones who feel empowered. Levitt suggested that Leo start innovative ventures that share with the world. The spring equinox is the perfect time to get something new started.
As Earth signs, Virgos love all domestic things and the spring equinox is a good moment to heal the sphere and to renew it. Levitt recommends that you clean your cupboards, eat organic food, even start a garden.  Concentrating on home well-being is helping Virgos deal with the potential for extra work stress.
In all sides of his life, Libras like balance and bend over their own desires, to keep their relationships harmonized. However, this spring equinox, you should focus more on how your relationships make you feel, rather than how others feel. You can bubble on the surface and be more combative than normal with strong sentiments relating to your fundamental faiths, according to DeFranco. Sometimes it is okay to lose your coolness; be honest when it happens to you. To improve our relationships, Levitt recommends reconnecting with family and friends.
Water sign Scorpio’s true meaning is “still water runs deep” (Chloe Nannestad). Scorpios, unbalanced and enthusiastic, may be keen to live with their associates, colleagues, or their families in a crowded house during the pandemic for so long. Your focus is on your everyday routines, which can make you feel extra fragile, says DeFranco. Levitt believes that disappointed Scorpios should take time to talk deeply, reconnect and help people know that you care about them. The Spring Equinox is a fantastic moment for Scorpios to mitigate their ardent feelings.
If you are one of the Ophiuchus, you are wondering the meaning of the vernal equinox in your life. Sadly, the Reader’s Digest astrologists overlooked the elusive 13th sign. For this, I would recommend that you take the advice of both the Scorpio and Sagittarius.
Sagittarians are hopeful, fun-loving signs of fire; they do not worry about going on their own road. Now is the time to journey, Levitt says. This may include COVID-19 safe local trips, mind trips to new studies, education and research through reading and movies. The spring equinox, together with a moment of new beginnings and learning, is a period of renewal that often extends to the relationships of Sagittarius. Relationships and love are the only thing you feel can now permeate; even if you feel like an alien, it is alright to be delicate. Do not run away if you start the struggle, DeFranco says.
Maya Galactic Mantra (MGM)-Red Rhythmic Earth

I organize to evolve
Balancing synchronicity/
I seal the Matrix of Navigation
With the Rhythmic tone of Equality.
I am guided by my own power doubled.

The Pizza Conjurer, formerly Pisquarius


Nannestad, Chloë. “What the Spring Equinox Means for Your Zodiac.” Reader’s Digest, Reader’s Digest, 29 Jan. 2021,