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Opinion: Esports Are Just as Real as Any Other Sport
Opinion: Esports Are Just as Real as Any Other Sport
Justin Ho, Guest Writer • May 10, 2024

Though they’re just people sitting behind monitors clicking a mouse and pressing a keyboard, the crowd roars with excitement. A gaming team...

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HCC Homecoming Week Recap





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Howard Community College’s (HCC) Homecoming started in 2022, and it is quickly becoming a campus tradition similar to high schools and other colleges across the country. This year’s activities included spirit days such as PJ day, decades day, a flag football game, throwback day with past alumni coming back to campus, and costume day where people got dressed up as their favorite characters. All of this led up to Saturday, October 28th: the big dance in the Burrill Galleria. The HCC Times reached out to Secretary-Treasurer of the Student Government at Howard Community College, Rebecca Overton, to discuss how homecoming was organized.


How was the event organized?

“The planning process was very chaotic and there was a sense of pressure in order for us to have success, but overall it ended up being very successful.”

What improvements were made from last year?

“We had more volunteers and we knew how to communicate better. For example, the food that was provided last year was more than needed and we were able to reduce the amount of food provided this year.”

How did you feel about the theme for this year’s homecoming?

“It was a Masquerade Ball theme party inspired by the 1920’s and I thought it was really cool that they decided to have that time period as the theme for this year’s homecoming.”

What improvements could be made for the event?

“We didn’t plan it correctly because it happened on Halloween weekend where many people usually go to different parties and for next year we wanted to make it on a weekend that doesn’t conflict with other people’s obligations.”

What was the homecoming inspired by?

“The [previous] SGA president, Israah Ansari, wanted to build the tradition that is seen in four-year colleges into a community college where people can get the experience of a homecoming.”

Students also gave their opinions on the event. Some did have good things to say about the event, but others didn’t particularly like certain things.


The HCC Times reached out to Matthew Cheruiyot, a student, to discuss his thoughts on homecoming.

What was the homecoming experience like?

“My homecoming experience was good because I got to meet so many random people that I never met and I liked the food, particularly the wings.”

What was your favorite homecoming event?

“My favorite event was the 360 camera because everybody is happy about it.”

How did you feel about the theme?

“I didn’t really like the 1920s theme and went with the traditional suit and tie.”

Did you enjoy the homecoming experience?

“Yes I did, and I like to hang around with new people and dance.”

Note: These are not HCC students, and this ballroom is NOT the Burrill Galleria. (Depositphotos)

HCC student Kyle Simmons also shared his thoughts about homecoming with The HCC Times:

What was the homecoming experience like?

“It was pretty fun for each day they had. Each day had all sorts of events happening which I enjoyed.”

How did you feel about the theme?

“It was pretty cool, I didn’t mind it”.

What was your favorite homecoming event?

“My favorite part of the homecoming event was definitely the flag football game with good trucks. It was pretty entertaining watching staff vs. students.”

Did you enjoy the homecoming experience?

“I did enjoy the homecoming experience, it was fun and I can’t wait until the next one.”

What improvements can be made to homecoming?

“I feel the improvement could be made by advertising it more around the whole campus for more students to see, I felt like some had no idea what was going on.”


The students here at HCC had some very honest opinions on what they thought about homecoming, but like the old saying goes, there is always room for improvement.

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