Revitalize & Renovate: HCC’s Galleria


Yuliia Kashyrina

The Galleria during construction

Our HCC campus is about to look a whole lot brighter! The school is currently undergoing extensive renovations to the Clark Library Building, as well as putting the finishing touches on Howard Hall (formerly the N building). “The college is constantly trying to find ways to make the school experience for the students as inspiring as can be.,“ says Samuel Murrill, the SGA president for the current school year, “This gives me faith that whatever plans are being made for the Galleria, they are positive for the growth of us students and our resources.”

The Burrill Galleria is a large space in the Clark Library building that has notably been used for events and programs throughout the school year. It has often been a central gathering place for students to meet up, hang out, relax, take a breather between classes, and, most importantly, it had housed the Office of Student Life. But the Burrill Galleria has been closed for these extensive renovations, causing moderate inconvenience for the students. Now that the Galleria has closed, Murrill says, they have had to make other arrangements for events, such as place them in the lobby of HVPA (The Horowitz Visual and Performing Arts Center), as well relocate the Student Life office from its normal hub on the 2nd floor to the quiet confines of the library. “At the moment, a small part of me is afraid that the office is too hidden for people to find it or even notice it while passing by,” Murrill stated.

While inconvenience seems to be par for the course when it comes to renovating any campus, the changes that are in store are even more exciting. The biggest change comes for the students in various Honors programs throughout the college: the development of a new hub known as the Honors Commons. Per Dr. Laura Cripps, director of the Rouse Scholars program, this is an area where Honors students (and, really, any student who wants to learn more about Honors programs) can hang out, study, and just get to know one another. The renovations will also have positive ramifications when it comes to the overall aesthetic of the school. Sophomore Amelia Huggins feels that the renovations will make the school “look more modern.” Speaking to the aesthetic of the school, speech professor Mrs. Adams agreed, saying that after Howard Hall was renovated, she “can’t quite believe how beautiful the new classrooms are in comparison!”

In conclusion, even with the challenges of relocating an entire office, the positives about these renovations far outweigh the negatives. Perhaps Murrill summed it up best when he said regarding the renovations, “ I’m sure soon, however, that the college will be completely renovated and open in all sections. When that time comes, I would love to return and see it all.”