A Peek at HCC Theatre’s Fall Production


Rebekah Anastasia Ericson

Opening night for the HCC theater company’s production of “The Inseparables” is set for Thursday, Nov.18 at 7:30 pm in the Smith Theatre

TJ Cyrus

The Howard Community College theatre company has a new production in the mix, and this time in person!

The Inseparables” is a play nothing short of chaotic — taking audiences behind the scenes of a rehearsal while keeping antics on full display.

This play-within-a-play is a comedy that features dramatic moments throughout the showing. Alden Lester, who plays Kai, mentioned that the play flows “like a wave,” as some parts move faster than others but transition smoothly nonetheless.

What stands out to Yazan Al-Khateeb, who plays Brooklynne, is that “[the actors] are not only playing one character in the show, like [one] normally would, [they’re] playing a character that plays a character.” This adds another layer of complexity, which constantly raises the question, “‘am I playing the character that’s being played, or am I just playing my [‘The Inseparables’] character?’”

Bill Gillett, the play’s director, put it similarly: “In this crazy way, [the playwright] tells the story of ‘The Three Musketeers’ through the eyes of a company trying to put on creative rehearsals in production … it’s silly at times, they pop in and out of character … and at the same time, they have to tell a story that with nine people really has hundreds of characters in it.” 

Since the play debuted virtually due to the pandemic, returning to the Smith Theatre is a welcomed change of pace. Gillett and the actors mentioned they are most excited about people attending the production in person. The director anticipates the audience will be looking forward to “coming to have a good time and enjoying the experience.”

As opening night approaches, the company continues to polish its craft on and off the stage.

Sarah Patrick, who plays Reese, explained that she feels the company has become comfortable with each other to the point where it has become “like a little family.” Al-Khateeb concurred that the chemistry among the company was an asset to its growth throughout the rehearsal process.

The development and maturation displayed by the company have Gillett eager for opening night.

“I mean, that’s what this play’s mostly about – it’s sort of a celebration of theatre, and creating theatre,” Gillett said. “And when a group has a desire to create theatre, they come together and they create it out of nothing, right? Out of puppets and sheer will, they create theatre.”

Be sure to catch the HCC theatre company’s first in-person production of the year! The play will show at the Smith Theatre at 7:30 pm from Nov. 18-20 and at 2:30 pm on Nov. 21. Tickets are $15 for general audiences, but students and employees of HCC can get tickets for $10 with a valid HCC ID.